Sabtu, 10 November 2012

I'ts First Love

How is it that we, how is it that now
How is it that the two of us ended up here
Time passes by like the stars inside many people

Inside my heart (My heart)

Filling my eyes (Filling)

Is all of you (You)

Piling up
It seems that without any sound
Even our cold fingertips become warmer

Even if we don’t speak
We’re filled in each other’s eyes
Now when you’re sick
I will feel your forehead

Let us not be afraid
It’s an exciting first love like honey
Carefully, day by day again

I will always love you
Your face (When I)
That voice (Remember)
When I remember them (You)
My heart becomes flushed
The cold day, frozen in white
Seems to be melting away

Even if we can’t see
The hands we gave each other are pretty warm
On the nights that you can’t sleep
I will hold onto your hands

We trust each other

It’s a first love that twinkles like a star
Even if our hearts are pounding
Step by step again, I will get a little closer
Like the delightful first snow
I want to have my first kiss

With you, who came to me
I can hear your heart
It seems like the two of us
Are the only ones in the world

You’re my first love

cc: IU& Na Yoon Kwon

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